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All written material on this site has been prepared by Joe Micik. In some cases, it was the product of a great investment of time and resources, but regardless, please be advised that content may not be redistributed in full without the consent of the author. This includes, but is not limited to, his published works.

Providing a link to Joe’s work is permissible, as well as providing an excerpt of Joe’s article with a link to the original. However, full reproductions of his content on other websites, even if he is cited as the author, is not acceptable. Those works are the property of the author and are intended to reside solely on

For those who have already violated this edict: as we speak, Joe’s team of ruthless mercenaries is en route. Make peace with the deity of your choice.

Update: Please note that our attorneys frown upon the above paragraph and have advised us to disband said cartel of mercenaries, obedient and stimulating though they may be.

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Under development. I paid the lawyer enough to care about the first section of this page but not enough for the second. Where the hell are those mercenaries, anyway?