Posted by on August 24, 2016

After over a year and a half out of the sports blogging game, Joe got back in with the mid-August 2016 launch of The Bracket Yard.

The intent of The Bracket Yard is to dedicate effort to monitoring the playoff pictures of the various popular sports leagues in the United States with “bracketology” type content. This stretches from college sports to the pros and also internationally. The type of content one might be able to expect includes power rankings, general interest sports content, and a wee bit of fun.

The site’s soft launch came on August 19 as the “construction mode” front page disappeared and some initial content made its way into cyberspace. As college football season begins in the coming days, the website will hit full gear with what is expected to be daily updates. By September, between the return of NCAA sports and the approach of the Major League Baseball postseason, there will be plenty to discuss.

Social media accounts for The Bracket Yard are still under development, but you can follow the site now on Twitter @thebracketyard.

For information on other projects and media appearances (yes, they do exist), please continue to visit To contact the author on this development, tweet at him @joemicik.

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