0.00: Tales of the Sober Kid at College

0.00: Tales of the Sober Kid at College New Cover

Released June 6, 2012

Re-Release Coming January 2014

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TAGS: Novel, humor, drama, fiction, young adult, coming of age, college

Joe Micik’s first novel and the first in the Connor Reynolds series. Connor is an 18-year old young man who heads out of state to college, and on the outside, he appears to be a standoffish killjoy with no real desire to be there or make friends. What the people there don’t know is why.

As it turns out, Connor experienced a life-changing event almost a year earlier that completely altered his perception of his peers, while one secret he’s hiding from everyone tears him apart on the inside.

For more on the story, visit the 0.00 novel page.

A blend of sarcastic humor and drama, this young adult novel is a story of fear, friendship, and finding oneself.

Appx. 103,000 words; $2.99

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ISBN: 9781476197708

0.00: Tales of the Sober Kid at College: Copyright 2012, Joe Micik

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