Literature Editing Services

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Freelance Writing Rate Card Literature Editing

This section is especially for those who are writing works of literature, whether novels or short stories or anything in between. Services offered include critiques, editing, and full content edits. An explanation of the “levels” of service is below.

Word counts are not rounded for the purposes of pricing; whatever exact word count is furnished to Joe will be the basis for the price quote. For example:

Literary work: 2,800 word short story with Level 1 service
• $27.50 for the first 1,000 words
• 1,800 words remaining = 1.8 “thousands” x $5.00 per thousand = $9.00
• Total quote: $27.50 + $9.00 = $36.50

Literary work: 78,500 word novel with Level 3 service
• $325.00 for the first 50,000 words
• 28,500 words remaining = 28.5 “thousands” x $4.50 per thousand = $128.25
• Total quote: $325.00 + $128.25 = $453.25

For clarification on any of the listed writing assignments, to negotiate a fee, or pitch Joe a job which is relevant to the above content but is not listed, contact Joe at your earliest convenience.


Level 1
Level 1 service is a once-over of your work which seeks a written, detailed critique of your piece, advice on how to improve, editing tips, and more.

Level 2
Level 2 service includes everything mentioned in Level 1 plus proofreading from grammatical and syntactical errors, with fixes.

Level 3
Level 3 service encompasses all Level 2 services, but it also gives Joe license to make major content edits if needed. This one is essentially “have Joe rewrite the book.”

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