Freelance Terms and Conditions

Updated September 16, 2013
For clarification on any issue, contact Joe

Freelance Terms and Conditions

• To request a freelance assignment of Joe, proceed to the “contact” link and send an e-mail to the address listed. Because of time constraints and other reasons, Joe cannot necessarily accept every offer, but will do the absolute best he can to accommodate everyone who requests his services. Joe reserves the right to reject a freelance services offer for honorable reasons (like time constraints and/or uncertainty about the material — e.g. writing a professional film manuscript exclusively in German).

• All clients are required to sign a contract, whether physically or digitally, before the assignment begins. This document will spell out all specific terms and conditions, the assignment, fees, and so forth. This will represent a written, binding agreement between Joe and the client. More details about cancellation of the contract, cancellation fees, return of materials, et al. appear in the contract. After pitching Joe a freelance assignment, the contract will be drawn up in a reasonable amount of time and the client will be invited to review its terms at length before signing. If a prospective client has any specific questions with regards to the terms of the contract prior to pitching an assignment, he or she may contact Joe at their leisure.

All fees are negotiable. They are not, however, negotiable after the contract has been signed.

• If a due date is set for the assignment, Joe will make every effort to meet that date. If there is no specific due date, he will do his best to expedite creation of the work and will aim to have it completed within several weeks of the client’s return of the signed contract. Joe will typically advise clients to set a specific due date.

• Once the work is completed or cancelled (if applicable), an invoice will be issued to the client. The due date will be at 11:59pm US Eastern time four (4) weeks or twenty-eight (28) days from the issue of the invoice. Clients have the option to pay the invoice via payment plans, but they must be requested by the client, and they are also negotiable (as far as how many payments will be needed). Bills may be paid via PayPal (which offers several different ways to pay in itself), a personal or company check, or a money order. Detailed instructions on how to pay will appear on the client’s invoice.

Do not send cash. Under no circumstances will cash be requested upon invoicing.

• Fees are outlined in US dollars. If you are an international customer, for the sake of time and postage, you will receive your invoice digitally. If you pay it via PayPal, you will have the option to take care of it in US dollars; they handle the conversion for you. For that reason, it is strongly recommended that international customers use PayPal.

• Late fees will be assessed for invoices that have not been paid by the prescribed date. They are, at first, minimal, but they grow exponentially over time. It is Joe’s belief that four weeks is more than adequate time for clients to tender payment, particularly if one is paying in installments. For more information on the details or any detailed terms, contact Joe.

• Students: Joe will not do your English homework or write your term paper for you, but he does offer services for editing and suggestions on how to improve upon your original work.

• If work submitted to Joe for editing is discovered to be plagiarized, he reserves the right to dissolve the contract and immediately terminate the project.

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