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Joe Launches for Your Sports Picks Needs

As many people who know me are aware, I’ve been involved in sports writing for a while, and I take in quite a few of the games. In fact, for no apparent reason, I’m going to suffer through the wholesale line changes one sees in preseason NFL games, probably because I crave sports for my survival.

I often have opinions on games before they begin, and then, one night not so long ago, I realized I wanted to get back into picking games. That led to me announcing the Picks Project at Physically Unable to Perform, where I first decided to pick all NFL and FBS football games.

Soon, however, I realized this was not enough, and I had to not only expand the operation, but move it to its own home. Therefore, I have launched as my new home for all sorts of sports picks. Feel free to visit soon and every day thereafter when we officially start selecting games. With any luck, we’ll get some right.

Coming Soon: An Independent Publishing Biz by Joe

Update 8.15.13: The business is still in the works, but due to a few major changes to the business model, we’re not launching in the near term. Stay tuned.

I’m still shrouding this all in secrecy — details will not be announced until I’m ready to do so — but what I am pleased to announce to the public is that I am going the entrepreneurial route and this summer, upon my move up to the exciting and amazing city of Boston, I will launch a new business.

The focus of this company, which will be completely web-based, will be offering comprehensive services to self-publishers, including (of course) the ability to sell your work for highly appealing royalty rates.

What are those services and what’s the royalty rate, you ask? You’ll just have to find out when we launch the website, logos, and more.

In case it seemed unclear, yes, I will stick with my own personal writing projects throughout the duration, and I may even be my own customer. It sounds confusing but it’s technically true.

Be on the lookout for future updates!