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Joe Micik has never been afraid to put pen to paper.JoeMain

Alright, sometimes it’s more like putting characters to Microsoft Word, but writing is writing, and Joe has been enamored with it since a very young age.

It was always something he loved to do, and when one of his college professors told him something to the effect of "you should think about pursuing your writing further," who was he to argue?

A person of many interests, Joe is a sportologist, exercisatist, humortarian, and writer, um, -ist.

Joe is a multi-genre author originally from New York who has published a young adult novel and four humor short stories. If the term “multi-genre author” didn’t exist before, it does now.

Joe’s particular areas of knowledge are in sports, especially those on the collegiate level, news and politics, science fiction, broadcast radio, and most especially, humor.

Aside from a host of other jobs he has held, Joe has held two radio positions: one on WZBC-FM in Boston, and the other on WTBQ-AM in downstate New York. At the former, he hosted a sports talk show and did sports play-by-play for Boston College; at the latter, he was a producer and occasional on-air personality.

After six years as the founder and lead editor of Soaring to Glory, a Boston College sports-themed blog on the FanSided network, Joe retired from Boston College blogging in January 2015 to focus on other projects. During his tenure, the site was linked in the past by Yahoo! Sports and ESPN.com via syndication on SCACCHoops.com. It was created in 2009 and invited to join FanSided in 2010.

Amongst all of his ventures, Joe has written thousands of articles for internet audiences over the past several years.

Joe holds a B.A. from Boston College (2008) in communications and history. His favorite dorm room was in Rubenstein Hall, since it was only a one-minute walk from campus dining. This made mozzarella stick & chicken finger runs at "late night" very simple. Did I mention that he gained a "Freshman 25" as opposed to the normal 15? And yet, you may marvel at the boyish figure he has maintained (don’t worry about the "boyish" thing: he’s legal).

He currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts, close to the alma mater he holds so dear.

Writer, not necessarily famous