Status Update from Joe’s Content Network

While you wait for Joe’s new titles to be released, stay up to date with him on his other more frequently-updated websites and content sources.

A great deal of attention these days is being paid to politics and the upcoming 2012 elections in the United States. To see non-partisan analysis and insight, as well as a host of current political predictions, visit Dead Heat. Final election predictions for all major races are coming soon.

For football picks, baseball news, lament over the NHL Lockout, and more, visit Joe’s general sports blog, Physically Unable to Perform.

His Boston College sports blog, Soaring to Glory, is updated daily with college sports news from a Boston College perspective. It is having its best traffic month ever, recording over 19,000 views in the last month.

Joe also maintains a writing blog at A Very Rough Draft, which is in a brief hiatus until election season is over.

Stay tuned for other announcements on Joe’s future endeavors and new content sources.