What Joe does with the little free time he has


Joe has written two books, each of them kind of long.


There are short stories, too, and you can find them here.


Joe writes a few things here as well that are neither novels nor short stories.


Joe’s new site devoted to bracketizing the world of sports, launched in August 2016.

About Joe

Said guy who does certain things

Born on the homeworld and raised by a traditional family, Joe's childhood was an ordinary one. From the first time he raised a bat'leth, he knew he would grow up to be a Klingon warrior. Sadly, his parents were felled by a Romulan attack on the Khitomer outpost, but he would soon by raised by Humans in Minsk. He then attended Starfleet Academy and was ultimately posted to the USS Enterprise-D, where he served as tactical officer under Captain Picard. Then, after years of trying and failing to steal his first officer's on-again, off-again girlfriend, Deanna Troi, Joe was posted to Deep Space Nine where he met and married Jadzia Dax. Wait, that was Worf from Star Trek. Oops.

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